Electric Guitar

Electric guitar

Would you like to play rhythm guitar or lead guitar in a band?

Our teaching objective is to get our students to the point of musical independence, to have the ability to play a variety of music styles from pop to rock and jazz, and to enjoy playing on their own or in a band. Core aspects of electric guitar lessons include: the use of different chords, power chords, scales, riffs, plectrum technique and tabs. Improvisation is an important skill learned in these lessons.

Learning lots of songs and solos will help you gain confidence in different styles of popular music.

Beginners learn the foundations of electric guitar; advanced students deepen into a special genre or style, or simply profit from new input.

Electric guitar is also an instrument that can be played late at night in an apartment without having to worry about neighbors, since the volume can be adapted to the situation and this instrument can also be played with the use of headphones.

The ability to play classical guitar is not a prerequisite to learning electric guitar.

Lessons may begin around the age of seven.

If you would like support in the selection of a music instrument to buy or rent, we’re happy to help you.

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